SwissMag Food Hygiene Services Ltd. is a Hungarian - Swiss owned company, which is specialized for cleaning in the food industry. SwissMag supplies professional cleaning and food hygiene service solutions for the food industry in Hungary. Besides cleaning our services are complex and flexible. We provide cleaning system installation, maintenance, food hygiene consultancy, ventilation services and bacteriological control as well.



Our skilled and experienced personnel is the basic of our services. We have been training and motivating our employers continuously. Part of our training system is the periodical cleaning in Switzerland. The documentation of services are according to HACCP and provided the highest demand of the Customers and EU standards.


Our wide range of services and equipments are constantly being updated. The food hygiene services of SwissMag help the hygiene system to be future-orientated. The systematic cleaning, high-profile hygiene and environment protection are important point of views in our services.


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        Gyula Cs. Nagy                                                          Ulrich Sempach

        Managing director                                                       Food processing engineer

        Food processing engineer                                            owner